About Us

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Short Story


Wavunow is a Social Enterprise that seeks to sustainably fight poverty, by connecting disadvantaged and/or underprivileged businesses to global markets, business skills training and potential funding opportunities. Many poverty interventions have failed the sustainability test mainly because they have created dependence, instead of enabling the poor to get back on their feet and take ownership of their futures.

This is well captured in the adage “teach a man to fish verses giving him a fish”, in essence, ‘dealing with the symptoms of the problem rather than sufficiently addressing the root cause’. In society lies the general assumption that the poor are unskilled; an assumption brought forth in judgment, based upon skills required for the formal sector.

Our aim is alleviate these misrepresentations of the poor by showcasing the wealth of talent possessed within these LSMs (Living Standard Measure). High emphasis should be placed on ‘other’ skills as these are the skills that can very possibly be handed down to future generations, thus ensuring that these select groups remain economically productive.

All in all, WavuNow aims to sustainably fight poverty by building on the strengths and skills that exist within, or that can be taught to the poor, to enable them to be productive, uplift them from poverty, and in the process retain their self-esteem, pride and confidence, mostly eliminating perennial dependency on handouts and aid. We are accredited with LG Seta to provide training at municipal level which puts us closer to communities as we participate in training municipality staff as well as training communities in business with Soft Business skills among others.


What we do

Our Mission

We aim to create jobs. By uplifting the socio-economic standards of living of the global underprivileged communities through self-initiatedand/or new innovative sustainable businesses, which will not only empower and enable them to actively participate in the global economy but also aid them in overcoming poverty. We will do this by linking these small/informal businesses to main stream markets using different marketing strategies.

Our Values

Believe – We believe in the in the power of the human spirit, that which generally desires to do well, not just for ourselves but for all others around us. Empower – In order for all of us to fulfill our individual and communal potential, we need the right mindset, environment and resources to fully thrive and fulfill our dreams and aspirations. Wavunow will support, directly or indirectly, the coming together of these three critical aspects in pursuit of its vision. Respect – All stakeholders, irrelevant of their backgrounds, shall be accorded the same respect and fairness at all times. 2019 Company Profile Excellence – We shall aim for excellence in all that we do and in how we do it. We shall consistently seek better ways for us to deliver value to our stakeholders. Integrity – We shall live by our word at all times..

Why Us?

Customised Business Skills Solutions for SMMEs Wavunow focuses on holistic approach in developing businesses /SMMEs at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP). We understand and have experienced the gaps in communities doing business. They lack exposure, understanding of business and creativity. The best way to build sustainable businesses at this level is to first upskill SMMEs on various necessary Soft/Basic Business skills. Other necessary interventions include product improvement and support around designs/creativity as well as mentorship or other handholding programs. Through our assessment exercise, we approach each person individually and design solutions that fit individual and group so as to capture interest and motivation around doing business. Delivery of these training is simplified and has many examples for leaners to relate and understand. In many cases we use local languages in delivering the training. Emphasis of the use of digital marketing, social media is also a necessary training topic that we do. This is a doorway to the global market at exceptionally affordable costs. We partner with Designers on Freelance to assist with creativity among crafters. Business Development support for SMMEs Our business development services include matching products/services from SMMEs to main stream markets both locally (around corporates & retail) as well as internationally. We offer support around negotiating rterms of payment (including sourcing for deposit) to allow production of products to commence. We advise and at times manage Lead times as well as Logistics. We also offer Quality checks to ensure product and quality are delivered beyond expectation..